Do You Care Too Much About What Other People Think? How To Finally Get Dating Confidence


“Who cares what anybody else thinks…”

Getting the requisite confidence to start dating and especially online dating is not easy. People who care too much about what other people think of them may be intimidated or embarrassed to approach dating in this manner. This is because online dating involves giving access to a great number of people to scrutinize your private information. Many people find themselves being embarrassed when a person they know comes across their profile in an online dating site. This is not unusual but in order to get the best out of online dating, one must get rid of the fear of what people will say. Here are some tips to gaining confidence when getting ready for online dating:

Be yourself


“Try to be your real self”

This point is the most important and especially when you are setting up your online dating profile. Do not lie about your physical attributes or about your job and life status. Lying will of course embarrasses you more when friends and people who know you see your profile on the site. Be as natural as you can be, do not lie about your age and of course your marital status. This will help you to get a person who truly matches your personality.
The other mistake on online dating reviews that people make is trying to be something they are not. If you are shy, you are better off coming out clean and confessing it to the other person. If you are not a humorous person, do not try to be funny as this will end in embarrassment. Many people appreciate honesty and from that point they are able to accept who you truly are. Instead of lying about yourself, look for your strongest points and bring them out in conversation or just by your actions. However, do not forget good manners as they go a long way in endearing someone to you.

Choose your best photos


“Upload your best looking picture to woo women”

Everyone has the photos that they feel flatter their image the most. It is essential to put a favorite photo on the site as this will build your confidence. Using a photo of when you were ten years younger may be overkill but it will get more attention from the searchers. Avoid using Photoshop and such other machinations to the photos as this will make the person you meet disappointed when they meet you in person. This can turn into an awkward situation and the date can end before it even starts.
The other mistake on online dating reviews that you could make is getting your friend to take the photo with you. Even if you feel like you are not attractive enough, be confident to show an image of you alone. This makes the other person to accept you for who you are and how you look. Many people have had awkward moments because when they posted their profiles they put a picture of them and a friend who is more attractive. This makes their potential mates to be met with crushing disappointment as they may have been fantasizing with images of the friend.

Be positive about yourself

The way you feel about yourself matters a lot as this is the image you portray to other people. The first step towards getting confident to date another person loves yourself. Feeling inadequate can take a lot of shine from your smile and also make you feel inferior when you meet other people. Keep reminding yourself of the positive aspects in your life and you will get through just fine. Focus on your strong points and endeavor to bring them out in everything you do or say. Also mention something you are passionate about like a sport, a hobby or a career.
Also talk about your positive attributes and behaviors. What do you think are your best qualities? What aspects in your behaviors do your friends tell you they love? Even if you are not that good looking, what other qualities do you think you have that make you a perfect partner? One can take a test of their confidence by taking a piece of paper and writing what they love about themselves and what they hate about themselves. If you find that your positive attributes are more than the negative, then it means that you trust in yourself and are more confident in yourself.

Dealing with discouragement


“Don’t get discouraged, success is just around the corner”

Online dating is a new theme in many cultures and many people do not embrace it. In fact, most online dating reviews are negative about its success. Friends and family may be opposed to our doping such a thing and be very vocal about it. If need be, assert yourself and ensure that you make it clear to them it is something you want to do. Finding the best partner is not restricted to meeting in the evening train or when you are taking a stroll. Online dating has worked out for many people, some of whom are happily married.
Lean on someone who will be willing to support you all the way. This will keep you going even when all the negative messages start pouring in. Remember that you cannot do it without the support of friends. Choose a friend who supports and encourages you through even when it seems like there will never be a positive outcome. Remember that you might have to go on a series of dates before you settle down on one person as the one suitable for you. If all these dates are disastrous, do not give up. Just keep on searching and you will find true love.

Keeping safe


“Take a friend along with you on a date”

Although online dating is fun and fantastic, it can also turn disastrous. Never agree to meet strangers in secluded places or in your residence for the first time. Choose a crowded restaurant or shopping mall for your first meeting. It is only after a few dates that you should trust a person enough to let them into your house, and especially if you live alone. People have met others online only to end up being robbed and abused or even killed. This is why it is extra necessary to be careful and it is emphasized on all online dating reviews. If you have already chosen a dating site where you want to create your profile, we would recommend you to read the reviews of that site before you start dating on that site. For example, we have eharmony dating site review, available here. By reading this review, you’ll easily come to know if is a scam site or not.
Some of the things that will keep you safe are being with a person at all times. If you are going to a restaurant, tell your friend to hang around until you can trust the person. You can also notify them where you are, when you leave and your next destination. Do not agree to enter into vehicles with people who look suspicious without knowing where they are taking you. Also make sure that you stay sober and do not get drunk to the point of being dependent on someone else. When going to use the bathroom, never leave unfinished drinks on the table as these can be razed with sleeping pills and other harmful chemicals.

Dressing the part

Always make sure you are well groomed when going for a meeting with a potential date. This boosts your confidence and makes you more attractive to them. Although it is essential to be natural, getting your hair done and wearing a nice outfit will go a long way in boosting your confidence. This confidence is what you will exude to the other person and it is what will determine whether they like you or not. If a date backfires, be polite to the other person and leave them on good terms. Being insolent will only portray your lack of manners and in other cases show desperation.

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Can Your Online Hookup Turn Into Something More? 5 Ways To Make It More Meaningful

“Want something more from your online hookup?”

“Want something more from your online hookup?”

So you met someone from one of the many online hookup sites and after dating you both turned out to be friends with benefits. This may not always be the case, but it happens. Sometimes we meet people who we like very much and share compatible personalities with. This does not have to be someone from online hookup sites as many persons make sexual connections with people they already know. Many persons believe that hookup arrangements are made to benefit men and are all about sex and nothing else. We all know that this is not true. There are times when hookup relationships benefit both parties, but there are other times when only one person feels completely satisfied with the arrangement. Sometimes one partner wants something more and it is not necessarily the woman. However, simply having sex with someone on a casual basis does not mean that you would want to have a relationship with them.

On the other hand, after being sexual companions for a period of time, the game might change. There are instances when both the man and the woman come to a mutual agreement about their terms of the arrangement. However, later on in the game one party starts falling in love with the other. Occasionally, the woman might agree to the hookup deal believing that she will be able to make the man her own later down the line. If she is getting more clingy, you have to decide what to do depending on how you feel about her. You either decide to continue with the hookup dates, quit and move on to someone else or turn your hookup arrangement into a more serious relationship. In case it is the latter, how do you turn your online hookup date into something more without pushing her away? The answer is not at all simple and maybe it will not work out in the end. However, you have nothing to lose while giving it a try. Here are 5 ways to make your hookup relationship more meaningful.

1. Make sure that this is what you really want

“Understand your feelings first and then make a decision”

“Understand your feelings first and then make a decision”

The first step in sealing the deal with a more meaningful relationship is to make sure that your motives are right. You have to give yourself time to think straight and realize what you are getting yourself into. If the arrangement no longer serves its purpose, the costs might outweigh the benefits. If you however feel completely satisfied with the woman you met on online hookup sites, and think that she would be a fitting companion for you, then go right ahead. In the end, only you can know how you feel and what traits you are looking for in a woman. The best thing that you can do at this point is to make the relationship special and more meaningful for both of you. An analysis of the best hookup sites online by show that meeting someone on an online hookup sites can result is a longer term relationship, but not always. Moving on from your initial decision may be a challenge. If you decide that you want this woman permanently in your life, you have to be careful about how you put it to her. Find out that she has no rational motive for commitment. Nonetheless, she must have had some value in your eyes why you want to go further with her. Asking her about a relationship at this point may just set you on a course for rejection. If she is unclear about your motives or does not feel the same way about you, then she might even decide to stop hooking up with you. This can become a tricky situation, but these are all things that you have to take into consideration.

2. Give her some space

“Don’t suffocate her, let her have some breathing space”

“Don’t suffocate her, let her have some breathing space”

Wean off of her a bit. Of course, this is not the easiest thing to do if you want someone. You need to do this to neutralize the emotions and hormones that are affecting you and probably her right now. You need to cut back on the hookups and start spending some time with yourself. I am not saying that this should go on indefinitely. If you used to see her 4 times each week, cut it back to 2 times. If she is concerned about what is going on the chances are she is interested in you as much as you are in her. Try to make your meetings special, still about sex, but more special. Encourage her to relax and spend some time doing whatever she likes. Be wary though, you certainly do not want her to go off with someone else. But this time alone is a sort of stress test to determine how she truly feels about you. If she starts seeing someone else then you know right away that she only wants sex. If she however calls you to see how you are doing and shows no interest in getting down with another man, then you know for sure that she is ready to commit to a more serious relationship.

3. Ask her out on a date

This is the next step, know about each other again. Taking a woman out on a decent date will always be appreciated. Taking a hookup friend out on a date clearly means that there is more to the relationship than sex. Invite her over for dinner occasionally instead of getting into bed. Cook a nice meal, serve some wine, play music and so on. This will paint the picture that you are going hands-on to take your friendship to a whole new level. After dinner, offer her a massage or just sit and talk about just about anything that interests you. More dates and less sex. You are trying to build a more intimate relationship with her. She will soon realize that you are interested in her for who she is and not only for sex. It is important that you disconnect her personal being of her sexual being.

4. Tell her how you feel already

“Let her know about your feelings and intensions”

“Let her know about your feelings and intensions”

Probably this should have been the third thing to do, but you can decide the order of your approach. If you haven’t mentioned anything to her about taking things further, now is a good time to say so. Otherwise, you can do more harm than good by confusing her with your suddenly nice gestures. Sit with her in a quiet place, maybe at home, in an intimate restaurant or in the park. Tell her that she is very special to you and let her know exactly how you feel about her. Do not come on too strong, she might need a moment to take in all of what you are saying. Be frank and straightforward, no timidity and no dishonesty. This is the moment of truth and whatever you say to her will affect the outcome in either a favorable or negative manner.

5. Change the game from here

Now that you are both aware of where the situation lies, things might have to change in your life. Well, certainly not everything, just a few tweaks here and there to make your new lady feel even more special. Clearly you are falling in love with this woman and have made the decision to enter into the monogamous zone. To make things work out well, prepare to stop browsing online hookup sites and give her all of your intimate attention. Now that you are in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, where you go from here depends on you both. Once you show each other love, respect and continue to be romantic and intimate, your relationship should continue to bloom.

Well, not many people expect to get more from a hookup arrangement, but odd things can sometimes happen sometimes. We may never know that the person that was always before our eyes would be our most cherished partner some day.

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Detecting Deception: How To Spot Fake Dating Profiles In 10 Seconds Or Less!

online dating scam - shadow stealing money

Online dating scams are everywhere, and fake dating profiles are the easiest way to scam someone!

In a world where convenience is the name of the game, doing things online is getting more sensible and practical. The web makes it very easy for people to do almost everything with just a few clicks. From sending mails to shopping to finding a partner using online dating, almost all of our activities now revolve around the use of the internet. But just like any other business, online dating is not free of scammers. Social networking and online dating sites are quite popular among hackers and scammers. According to specialist Dr Jonas LaForge (B.Sc.), these crooks know that a lot of people log in to these sites and the probability of someone falling for their prey is very high. They usually do this by creating fake dating profiles and sending messages to unsuspecting members either to hook up with them or just milk cash from them. Outlined below are some ways to know if the person you are thinking of dating is real or is just a figment of your imagination, my friend.

Deception 101: It’s in the photo

fake dating profile

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is!

Looking at the photo of your prospective date, you would think that you got an award of some sort. Dating someone whose face is angelic and a body to die for, you think you just won the lottery. But wait, before you get any further with those wild dreams, think again. When you go to websites to meet women, the first thing that you get to judge are the pictures of the members. Those with fake dating profiles would usually post a picture in a compromising pose or in a very unusual setting. Girls who are serious about dating would normally post a picture or two of themselves in normal surroundings. Bogus members post pictures of someone else as if it were them. So if you want to make sure that the picture of the girl you’re interested to date is genuine, you can search for the same picture online and see if the search generates a number of matches. If it does then most likely it is not her… and it means you might want to keep your options open. It is already a given that guys would crave for physically attractive women; but then again, they also want somebody who is real and not a poser.

Check their profiles for deceptive clues

People who register on dating websites to meet women are those who do not want to waste their time. They want to meet someone with the same values, interests as theirs in the soonest time possible. Hence, they want to make sure that only those “compatible” to them will contact them. The best way to do this is to provide the most comprehensive profile so that the dating website can match them correctly. People who are serious about meeting someone for keeps would take the time to complete the questions that are normally asked when signing up at an online dating website. Scammers are not very keen in answering those, and can be caught easily. Incomplete dating profiles would somehow give you an idea that the person behind the profile pic is not really serious about signing up for an online dating. And if you are already in to the stage of having a series of conversations with your prospect, you may want to ask questions about the things she posted on her page. You can ask the same questions several times at different occasions to confirm if the information listed on the profile matches her answers. This would give you an idea as to how consistent she is when being asked and this would also confirm her sincerity when she answered those questions.

Spell it out – properly!

badly written english sign

Terrible english is a surefire way to tell a scammer online!

There are a lot of fake dating websites that are created in other countries wherein English is not widely used. When you visit websites to meet women, you will be able to tell whether it’s a site full of fake profiles or not by just checking out the grammar and spelling of the information listed on the profile, or the website itself. It may sound a little discriminating, but the thing is the latest survey shows that quite a number of these fake dating sites have one thing in common and that is a terrible use of the English language. So before giving out any of your details, check how they described themselves on their sites, their grammar, vocabulary etc. and this can save you a whole lot of time and energy.

Face to face meetings: they trump chat every time!

In online dating, you won’t know for sure whether the person is telling you the truth or not while chatting. The true test of sincerity is when she is already willing to be seen on cam or face to face. Those folks with fake profiles would almost always pass up on the chance to be seen on the cam or would always come up with reasons to avoid it. Whether they don’t want to be seen because of plain timidity, or they’re just afraid that you will find out that everything about them was a lie, the intent to deceive you is there.

couple on a date

Real dates will give you a good way to evaluate a real person.

Choose the best dating website

Online dating starts with finding the right site to join. More often than not, fake profiles are found in fake dating websites. One way to find legitimate websites is to look for those with subscription fee and with a considerable number of members. Scammers aim to get money from their prospective victims. Signing up for those that would require them to shell out some money as subscription fee would somehow defeat their purpose. Be wary of dating sites with very few members and very few ads. Reputable dating sites such as have ads even in television to invite more people to sign up with. You have to make sure that you only join the legitimate websites to meet women and not fall for someone you might not be able to see or hear from after all.

man lying from the back when meeting women online

Don’t fall for liars and deception online. Be mindful of who you talk to!

In as much as we want to live in a perfect world, that wouldn’t be possible. In a world full of lies, deception is not unusual. Whether it is as big as bribing money from your date or altering some of your personal information so you would be more “acceptable” in the eyes of other people, deception is still deception. Even the smallest lie can destroy a friendship, a relationship, and trust between two people. What is sad about it is that one cannot guarantee if a broken trust can still be mended. At least once in our lives we will encounter this kind of people. Though this is the case, we are not bound to be controlled by them. Since it is quite impossible to eradicate all of them in this world, we should at least know how to spot fraudulent people. Remember that any operator of websites to meet women will tell you that it’s one of the “best places to meet girls online”; so try to go for trusted resources like those at (a team of guys that continuously test online dating sites) to find out about whether the “top dating sites” you’re about to join is for real.

We should know when a profile is real or not. From there, we would know who to trust or who to keep out of our lives. Not only are we going to save our time and effort, we are also going to save ourselves from getting hurt. Online dating is a game of chance. And like any game, there are certain rules to play and strategies to espouse so that at the end of the day you won’t find yourself at the losing end.

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Apple: What’s Next For The Technology Giant In Palo Alto

The New Retina Display.


Over the last few years, Apple has always managed to keep ahead of the competition and have products that are instantly popular and they fly off the shelves.

The latest thing that is going to keep Apple at the top of the technology tree is the display on the new iPad. It is so clear that you will feel that you are not looking at photographs on a screen but viewing them directly, you won.t be reading an ebook, but will have the book itself in your hands. To make sure that using the iPad provides the best experience ever, the display is now the best on the market. Add to this the fact that the camera is also much better, and it really is the best tablet on the market.

It is called the Retina display and there are 4 times as many pixels here than were on the iPad 2. There has not been a display before that has been able to present such clear and dramatic pictures.

Apple have always made sure that their devices were provided with good displays and by including so many pixels in the one screen – there are now 3.1 million pixels on the screen that at 9.7inches is the same as the previous model – it is bound to give a better quality experience. As there is also 44% higher colour saturation and a 2048 x 1536 resolution. To put it in perspective, the new iPad has a million more pixels than the average HD TV.

Enjoy the  good quality display tablet:Apple technology

Enjoy the good quality display tablet:Apple technology

If you are not interested in the technical side, but just want to know what this new development means to you, then it means that there are no gaps between the pixels that can be seen by the human eye so there is no distortion of the picture or game that is on the screen.

If you are interested in the technical side, the display is created in a totally different way to previous displays to prevent the pixels getting crossed wires and lighting up at the wrong time. The Apple engineers have provided a new plane for the pixels and they are no longer on the same level as the signals.

The key to this is the A5X chip that manages to provide this excellent level of graphics and not diminish the battery life. This chip is so advanced that it can power every one of the pixels and gives a great experience whether you are editing a picture or just scrolling down the screen.

Enjoy technology with apple technology

Enjoy technology with apple technology

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Cheating and women. What you need to know!

Women are annoying. It has been researched and studied that women tend to be cranky most of their times during a day where as men would stay calm and collected and would make themselves busy with their chores. Men have the ability to hold their anger and tears and even think rational in any situation. Most men are not like that, busy usually they are. When it comes to women, all we need is emotions and the constant feeling of security. Few women make their own world but most women tend to fall into easy traps that for the short term seem heaven. When we tend to fall into heaven, that heaven is termed as cheating. As a wife, we know that our world end at the home where our children and husband are. But, something just goes wrong and we go out to hunt for love.

For women love has a deeper meaning. Love means feeling beautiful inside and feeling wanted from the husband. But when we see that our husbands have gone distant with us in our marriage we feel the hit of lack of sexual relationship. Food for men is sex and food for women is love and emotions. But, our emotions are also linked to our sex cells and not only our heart. We would give up anything to make our husband happy, but we would feel torn when he would not return it back. Sex makes the relation of a man and wife more pure, divine and long lasting. It is like a constant blessing for both. But what if we are deprived of the blessing just because our man is tired from work or if he visits home thrice a month? Men leave women when they are deprived of sexual activities, but can’t women do that as well?

Create a healthy relationship with your husband

Create a healthy relationship with your husband

It might sound desperate, but women are even made up of cells that want to feel the pleasure of sex. If we do not get if from our man, a time will come when we will betray our man just for seeking the same pleasure from another man and eventually cheat in our relationship. We even want a man to fulfill our fantasies and make women feel beautiful and satisfy our hunger for warmth and protection. This is how we fall into the hands of cheating. We have a heart that just wants to be loved. And when love is concerned we do mean money but above all we want our emotions to taken care of. The man who does that we easily and blindly walk towards him.

Don't cheat with your husband

Don’t cheat with your husband

Once something happens to us, we always remember it. If we get to know our husband cheated on us and is enjoying life regardless of the fact that we are waiting for him at home, cooking food, washing dishes and looking after children and he just goes on and cheats us, we make sure to do the same with him. Even if deep inside, our heart does not allow it; we would still take the risk and cheat our man. This would give us some satisfaction and even a great time with a man who would love us the way we want to be loved. 

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How to be a Good Leader? Leadership Explained!

Whether you are planning to lead a small group of your colleagues at office or an entire revolution – being the leader can be a tough job. You may initially be happy with all the power and authority that you will be getting but in the long run, you will realize that as your power increases, the responsibilities on your shoulders increase too. Becoming a good leader is a very difficult task especially if you want to keep everyone happy; as a leader you will have to argue with people, listening to their criticism patiently and learn to put a foot down where ever necessary. But at the same time, you will have to realize that there is a very thin line between arrogance and a positive authority – you should not become arrogant when you get the power; make sure that you are easily approachable and is available for your people.

Take advices from those who are more experienced than you but you do not necessarily have to follow their advice as it is, analyze the situation and then do what is best for your people – your soul interest should be the betterment of the team as a whole. Always be encouraging towards your team members, keep telling them that they are the best people for the job – the more confident they are, the better they will perform. However, you need to make sure that all the members are working in a close knitted environment and do not have any personal issues or grudges amongst each other’s; if they do, it is your duty as a leader to resolve those issue so that their minds are not diverted to any other side.

Encouraging your team member and a good leader

Encouraging your team member and a good leader

As a good leader, you need to have a specific sense of direction – you need to set targets and goals and then you should make sure that those targets are achieved. Even if you have to take risks, you should do it with confidence and in case you lose, do not be afraid to admit your mistake – take the blame for it as a leader and try to learn for it, so that you do not make the same mistake in the future. It is very important for your team to have some sort of inspiration, so that they can work with all their hearts and souls – as a leader it is up to you to inspire your team through some ideas or some famous icons. Whatever method you use, you need to make sure that it matches the thinking of your team members so that there is no room left for arguments.

Lastly, it is very important to continuously appreciate your team members for the hard work they are putting in their work – most of the time, small words of appreciation are enough to bring out the spark in the people and as a leader it is your responsibility to bring that potential spark out of your team members and lead them onto the path of success. 

As a leader appreciate your team members for the hard work

As a leader appreciate your team members for the hard work

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5 Tricks for Beginners to Save Money Easily

If you are a beginner looking for easy ways to manage money, you can follow some tips and tricks to build your financial future.

  1. Spend Lesser Than Your Means

Though sound simple, it is a challenging trick, especially for young adults. However, spending far beneath your means is important, if you want to become financially successful. Analyze what you spend daily and look for ways to save money. Consider making phone calls at off-peak times, unless it is urgent. Instead of buying magazines and books, join a library and borrow them for a very less monthly charge. Also make use of the services offered by public lending libraries and online stores that lend CDs and DVDs. This helps you save more money that you would otherwise spend on watching movies in a theater.

  1. Be a Smart Shopper

With some common sense and knowledge, you can become a smart shopper and save money. You can try to visit thrift stores near to you and shop for things. You may be able to find tons of things at cheaper rates there. Be sure to think well and prepare a list of thing you need before going shopping. In order to prevent wastage, buy perishable goods like fruits, vegetables, eggs and fish once in three days. Buy them in limited quantities. Consider buying these produce in local farmers markets and local shops. This not only helps you to save money, but also helps you get the best nutritive values from fresh produce.

  1. Buy Second Hand Items

You can save huge money by buying used things instead of going for brand new items. Second hand cars cost you one third of the value of new car. By doing little research, you can find a car that is almost new at a cheaper price. You can also buy electrical goods, tools and garden items second hand and save a lot of money.

Save money and enjoy your life

Save money and enjoy your life

  1. Save Money on Food and Drink

Instead of eating out more often, you can develop the habit of eating in. this is one of the main areas where you can save huge money. Taking a cup of coffee in a flask to work could easily save you more money than taking coffee out. Home cooked foods are not only inexpensive, but they are also nutritious.

  1. Save Money on Energy Bills

Energy bills eat up more money nowadays. You can follow some ways to save energy and money. Use energy efficient bulbs that use 80% less energy than normal bulbs. Turn off lights and fans when they are not in use. Develop a habit of eating dinner together, which in turn lets you use lesser energy.

Save energy ::Save money

Save energy ::Save money

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Why Relationships Fail: Behind the Glitz and Glamour of a Celebrity

It is shocking to see the number of break ups in the news today about celebrities. It makes us wonder what could be the reason for such fall outs. The answer is staring right at our face.

It is important to understand that you need to figure out your expectations from your partner and others in your life. After you have given yourself priority, it is time to figure out the type of partner or person you want in your life.

It is important to have a clear picture about the sort of person you’d want to spend the rest of your life with. If you meet people and fall for just about anyone then it will only result in unsuccessful attempts and heartache. Don’t fall for the first person who gives you attention. He or she may seem appealing but the truth is that this person may not be ‘the one’. You will only know when you have understood what exactly you want.

That is a difficult task and almost a dilemma for most. What do we want? We think of so many qualities in different people and we think that if only all of them were in one individual. All of us want the whole package. But what is the whole package? Is it a physical thing? Is it an emotional thing? No one really knows. What we can rely on is our gut instinct. Learn to develop your sixth sense. All of us have it and we must be honest with ourselves when we are trying to figure this out.

Learn to develop your sense

Learn to develop your sense

Be honest with yourself when you feel attracted to a person. Is it because he or she is good looking or is it because of a connection or bond? Which ever works for you, you should immediately pursue it. Go for the bond. Do not be superficial. It is always the connection that takes you through a successful relationship. So don’t let your self be carried away with just a physical attraction. Assess the person carefully before plunging in.

Rejection will be a part of life and the only way to overcome it is to learn from the mistakes and not repeat them again. Do repeat the same mistakes with different people. Learn about your expectations from the previous failures and then plunge in with your fingers crossed. Hopefully, the next one is ‘the one’ for you.

Learn from your mistakes create a good relationship

Learn from your mistakes create a good relationship

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